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Poetic of the senses

English Course - INTRODUCTION

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MARCH 7-14-21-28 / APRIL 4-11-18-25 / MAY 2-3

20 hours Online Course

Every tuesday from 10:00 until 12:00 hrs european time

The intention that we put in this innovative art is the recovery of the “listening to ourselves”, the other and the space, and it surrounds, to become two subjects that are related to each other. Working through the senses aims to reveal the poetic experience as a form of deep knowledge and as a work on oneself.

Seminar for students that works in the fields of Art, and culture, theatre, dance, or participants, who are interested in developing and promoting his sensorial world.

Teatro de los Sentidos is a stable space where artist-researchers from multiple disciplines and nationalities have been working for more than 30 years in the poetics of the senses and research between sensory languages, play and theatrical creation.

More than just a theatre, we are a seedbed, a meeting place, for training and diffusion of our techniques and a service to the community.

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The Poetics of the Game

Conference, The Word and Silence

How to sculpt darkness

The art of evoking

The Aromas in the performance

Poetic of the Silence

The body in the space

Poetic of the Senses

Sensory Experience

Contact: Gabriel Hernandez

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